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Boosting business in agro-food - blended 11/10

Boosting business in agro-food - blended 11/10



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Boosting business in agro-food through blended-workshop

How to promote entrepreneurship and business in the agri-food sector in rural areas? Many local communities and regions as well as intermediaries struggle with this topic. The workshop provides you with innovative blended learning through gamification for business management, specifically adapted to the agri-food sector in rural areas.


Explore how to develop business in agro-food during the workshop ‘How to develop business in agro-food’ on 11 October at 9.30 in Brussels. Blended learning will give you clear, practical and easy-to-use techniques and insights in marketing and development for an sme. Experience how small and medium enterprises and start-ups can develop their business through gaming and business cases during this event. Challenge your colleagues, the trainer and yourself with your ideas and projects before bringing the best ones in reality in your community!

For you?

This workshop is for all professionals in agro-food sector (policy makers, intermediaries, branch organizations, sme’s and start-ups).


Vleva (Flemish-European Liaison Agency), Main Conference Room, Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels

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The blendend learning was developed by an European consortium of experts [Syntra West (BE), SARGA (ES), Lamoro (IT), Creator (PL), EILD (GR), Debrecen University (HU), KAMK University (FI)] as part of RURAL AGREE and co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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